Food Items That Are Not Good For Your Teeth

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Food is one of the essential necessities for survival. There are various types of food that we love to eat. Not all food items are good for your health and it is important to be aware of what is good and what is not in order to ensure that you live a healthy life. Most often, we do not think about our oral health when we consume food. There are various items that are not good for your teeth. Following are some such food items that are bad for your teeth.


There are various we like to eat and drink. There certain types of food that are commonly known among people to be bad for your health. Further, there are also types of food that we eat without knowing the negative consequences of it. Ice is not a food but some people chew ice cubes in their mouth. It could an ice cube that was in your drink or you might have directly taken it out from the fridge. As mentioned earlier, ice is not a type of food and you might end up at the dentist in Southbank if you don’t ensure that you stop this bad habit. Chewing ice damages your enamels and your gums will be prone to infections. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you use liquid water to make drinks or to cool items if you have a bad habit of chewing ice.


There are certain types of food that would result in frequent visits to the dental clinic of Bay Street Dental Group and we need to make sure that these kinds of food are avoided in order to keep our teeth healthy. Almost all of us like to enjoy a lemon squeeze or add a lime slice to your water. However, citric fruits and juices could be quite irritating and could even cause mouth sores. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you drink plenty of plain water when you feel an irritation that is caused by consuming citrus. These kinds of food should be avoided if you have any oral illnesses for a speedy recovery.


We all love to chew on sweets and chocolate but these sticky food could be a nightmare for your teeth. There are many times where you will feel like you need a night sweet before bed but you will put a little thought about your teeth when you have such food cravings. Not just sweets, even dried fruits are not quite good for your teeth as they tend to stick on your teeth. If you consume these items, make sure to floss, rise and wash your mouth and teeth thoroughly to avoid catching or developing any oral infections.

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